My name is Robby Costales and I conduct research on artificial intelligence (AI), with the long-term aim of developing generally capable AI systems for the benefit of humanity and other sentient creatures. I am a computer science PhD student at the University of Southern California, advised by Prof. Stefanos Nikolaidis of the ICAROS lab, with previous guidance from Prof. Maja Matarić and Fei Sha.

Currently, my research focuses on enhancing reinforcement learning agents’ abilities to adapt and generalize over complex task distributions by introducing various structural inductive biases, with the aim of reducing the need for significant human supervision on which current AI methods heavily rely.

Previously, I was a student researcher at Google Brain where I was advised by Izzeddin Gür. Prior to joining USC, I studied at Columbia University where I was advised by Prof. Junfeng Yang, and also Bard College at Simon’s Rock, where I started my undergraduate.